Acton Discovery Museum

Acton Discovery Museum Exhibits

The Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts reopened in the early months of 2018 after combining two separate museums into a newly expanded and completely accessible building. Paul Orselli and POW! led the design and development of all seven new science exhibition galleries in this award-winning facility. In addition, Paul managed all external fabricators and supervised the final installation of exhibit components and environmental graphics in the new science galleries. Enjoy some selected images from inside the reimagined Discovery Museum.

Da Vinci Workshop Gear Wall Exhibit

Da Vinci Workshop Exhibition

Visitors to the da Vinci Workshop gallery use tools, tinker, and design, like the artist, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci.

Light And Color Exhibition

Scientists of all ages can immerse themselves in this vividly engaging exhibit gallery on the properties of light and color.

Math Exhibition

This gallery of fun, hands-on activities uses real world, visual interpretations of mathematical concepts to show that math is all around us!

Sound Exhibition

Young scientists and their families can explore and experience the amazing properties of sound by creating, seeing, hearing and feeling waves and physical vibrations!

Water Exhibition

Adults and children alike pour, whirl, float, and get hands wet as they control, move, divert, and explore the properties of water.