Water Exhibit

Acton Discovery Museum - Water Exhibit

Adults and children alike pour, whirl, float, and get hands wet as they control, move, divert, and explore the properties of water. There’s nothing like the immersive, sensory experience of water to excite and engage!

Vortex Movie

Young scientists touch and experiment these whirling water vortices that are open at the bottom. What happens when you place balls inside?

Morph Movie

A laminar stream that jets up 12″ is the testing ground for visitors to create water bells, discs, and other interesting shapes and patterns.

“Laminar Lifter” and the “Pour & Explore” exhibits


Another view into the Water Gallery showing the “Laminar Lifter” and the “Pour & Explore” exhibits.

Paul Morph

Paul Orselli experimenting with the Morphable Stream exhibit.

Long View

A partial view into the Water Gallery.