Just One Thing about Exhibits

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Join Paul Orselli with "Just One Thing about Exhibits" interviews !

Paul Orselli and POW! have started a new video project called JOT@Exhibits (Just One Thing about Exhibits.)

The video series will feature exhibit designers and developers who want to share “just one thing” about exhibits in a short video.

Please check out the JOT@Exhibits videos embedded below or on the POW! YouTube Channel.

Christian Greer and “What's the Definition of Done?”

Shawn Lani and “Taking Exhibits Outside!”

Blake Wigdahl and “LISTEN!”

Ashanti Davis and “Moving at the Speed of Trust”

Dan Bird and “Rethinking 3D Printers and Exhibits!”

Darcie Fohrman and “How Can Exhibitions Become Catalysts for Conversations?”

Darcie MacMahon and "Remember Who It's For!"

Gillian Thomas and “Amusing Exhibits and Comfortable Exhibit Environments”

Matt Kirchman and “Connecting Intellectual and Physical Navigation”

Amparo Leyman Pino and “Don't Underestimate Kids in Exhibits!”

Clifford Wagner and "The Path of Least Resistance"

Aaron Goldblatt on "Complexity"