Paul Orselli Museum Exhibitions Gallery

People photo at the Glass Factory Mountain Exhibition.

Glass Factory Mountain

National Bottle Museum POW! collaborated with DCM Fabrication and Kim Wagner Nolan to create a dynamic new exhibition for the...

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The D&H Canal Museum Entrance

D&H Canal Museum

The D&H Canal Museum The D&H Canal Museum is located in High Falls, NY, inside a beautiful historic building originally...

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Harness racing sulky exhibit exhibit at the Elliott Museum in Stuart Florida.

Genius & Generosity

Genius & Generosity – The Elliott Story The introductory gallery at the Elliott Museum in Stuart Florida gives a glimpse...

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Acton Discovery Museum exterior view.

Acton Discovery Museum

Acton Discovery Museum Exhibits The Discovery Museum in Acton, Massachusetts reopened in the early months of 2018 after combining two...

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In Harm’s Way exhibition

In Harm’s Way

In Harm’s Way exhibition The In Harm’s Way exhibition (which was organized by Long Island Traditions in collaboration with the Long Island...

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A close-up view of the feathered dinosaur Yutyrannus huali

Feathers to the Stars

Feathers to the Stars Exhibition “Feathers to the Stars” carries you through the amazing story of how ancient evolution gave...

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South America map part of the Bronx Zoo Stampers Exhibit

Bronx Zoo Stampers

Bronx Zoo Stampers Exhibition POW! collaborated with Canstruct LLC and the staff from the Bronx Zoo to create “Passport Stamper”...

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Muzeiko Museum Bulgaria’s First Children's Museum in Sofia

Muzeiko Museum

Muzeiko Museum: Bulgaria’s First Children’s Museum in Sofia Muzeiko is the first Children’s Museum in Bulgaria. Located in Sofia, the...

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Science Museums Exhibit Portfolio

Science Museums Exhibit

Paul Orselli Gallery / Science Museum Exhibit Star Wall Part of a set of interactive outdoor exhibit elements that created...

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Tree Blocks Table exhibit at the Big Sky Country of Helena, Montana.

Little Sky Country

Adventure for Kids! Entry Gate The entry gate to Little Sky Country children’s museum exhibit. Little Sky Country Tree Slide...

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Children's Museums Exhibit Portfolio

Children’s Museums Exhibit

Paul Orselli Gallery / Children’s Exhibit Prototyping Exhibits Working with young visitors to prototype exhibits is crucial to creating successful...

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Number 7 Line Queens Rocket from the Launch Pad exhibit.

Launch Pad

Paul Orselli Gallery / Launch Pad POW! worked with the New York Hall of Science to transform an underutilized outdoor...

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Lighthouse Climber Exhibit


TotSpot Exhibit: Perfect for Kids! One of several exhibit galleries developed for the new Long Island Children’s Museum, TotSpot is...

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