Da Vinci Workshop

Acton Discovery Museum - Da Vinci Workshop

Visitors to the Da Vinci Workshop gallery use tools, tinker, design, build, and invent like the artist, scientist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci. Using recycled materials, off-the-shelf supplies, and tools and technology ranging from scissors and saws to electronic circuits and conductive thread, young scientists design and build diverse creations inspired by the creative thinking and engineering of Da Vinci. 

crew from DCM Fabrication installing the Ornithopter component

Ornithopter Install

Here’s a view of the crew from DCM Fabrication installing the Ornithopter component.

Ornithopter Crank

Children and adults turn the crank to activate the gears that flap the wings of a model flying machine, inspired by the giant Ornithopter that da Vinci designed to test human-powered flight.

Air Flow

Young scientists can experiment with aerodynamic principles and engineering concepts at the vertical airstream. Visitors use a variety of materials to design and test prototypes that fly and hover. (Photo courtesy MitchellGreenPhotography.com)


A life size image of Leonardo himself (created by artist Kim Wagner based on da Vinci’s self portrait) welcomes everyone to the Workshop!

Interior Tables

Inspired by da Vinci, visitors use their imaginations and engineering skills to invent new creations and art using recycled materials.

Gear Wall

Young engineers set things into motion with this magnetic wall. Families can create a gear train and watch special gears turn and spin in different directions.