Light and Color Exhibit

Acton Discovery Museum - Light and Color Exhibit

Scientists of all ages can immerse themselves in this vividly engaging exhibit gallery on the properties of light and color. A series of hands-on exhibits in a specially-designed darkened space use LEDs and new materials to create dramatic, high contrast, and aesthetically beautiful light and color.

A view into the Light & Color gallery.

Light and Color Gallery

A view into the Light & Color gallery. (Photo courtesy

Light Lens

Both children and adults delight in manipulating rays of light with mirrors and lenses to focus, reflect, and mix them to create various effects.


Museum visitors swing a light pendulum suspended over a rotating platter of phosphorescent material to produce a beautiful array of “Spirograph” patterns. Experimenters can change the swing of the pendulum or the speed of the rotating platter and see what happens!  (Photo courtesy Kristin Angel)