Math Exhibit

Acton Discovery Museum - Math Exhibit

This gallery of fun, hands-on activities uses real world, visual interpretations of mathematical concepts to show that math is all around us!

Math Dance Exhibit

Math Dance

Visitors dance along with Mickela Mallozi, the Emmy® Award-winning host of the PBS show Bare Feet, which explores traditional cultures around the world through dance. Children and adults can move to the music along with Mickela to recreate mathematical patterns and shapes through dance in this one-of-a-kind exhibit.

Light Table

Young explorers discover symmetry, angles, and space filling by using colorful Magna-Tile geometric shapes on a glowing light table. These magnetic 2D translucent pieces can create 3D structures that glow.

Geoboards Install

Here’s an installation shot (with the 42 Design/Fab crew) of the Geoboards where museum visitors create triangles, squares, curves, patterns, intricate shapes, and even letters when they stretch colored rubber bands on a giant pegboard that wraps around the wall.


Visitors can experiment with this clever device to find that a similar “bell curve” distribution is generated every time the balls are released, with the majority of the balls in the center of the curve, tapering off to fewer and fewer at each side.