Dinosaurs in your Backyard

A Portal to Past Worlds

Step back in time at The Children’s Museum and experience Dinosaurs in your Backyard: A Portal to Past Worlds.

Dinos sign dinosaurs in your backyard exhibit

Dinos Sign

One of the dimensional entry signs for the “Dinosaurs in your Backyard” exhibition.

Dino Wall

Interactive Dinosaur Game Show and Designasaurus components from a Children’s Museum dinosaur exhibition.

Paleo Lab

Visitors explore real fossils and dinosaur topics through interactive exhibits and artifacts in the PaleoLab.


A full-scale raptor model in “Dinosaurs in your Backyard” exhibition.

Trackway Unit

Large tactile trackway unit with Scutellosaurus model.

Dino Cubes

Visitors can use the Dino Cubes to solve six different ancient dinosaur scenes.

Private: Lenticular Video

Full Exhibit View

View of the exhibit components in the exciting Dinosaurs in your Backyard exhibition.

Tracks Fossils Table

Visitors to the Dinosaurs in your Backyard exhibition can touch actual dinosaur track fossils that are millions of years old!

Stego Puzzle

Large stylized wooden Stegosaurus dinosaur puzzle in the PaleoLab.

Scutelllosaurus Model

A full-scale recreation of the dinosaur Scutellosaurus created by project partner 42|design fab.

Dino Game Show

An interactive Dinosaur Game Show that lets visitors learn the difference between dinosaurs and other ancient animals.

Pop Culture Case

A display case filled with interesting books, toys, and other pop culture items about dinosaurs.

Posters Case

Movie and television items help visitors separate dinosaur fact from fiction.

Apatosaurus Femur Bone

Visitors can measure themselves against a full-scale Apatasaurus femur bone cast in the “Dinosaurs in your Backyard” exhibition.