Paul is a lot of fun to work with - full of inventive and fresh ideas. Detail oriented and budget conscious, Paul knows how to work within deadlines too.
Fernanda Bennett
Nassau County Museum of Art
Paul is a man of action. His Cheshire Cat-like questions, frank responses and urge to experiment will get you and your project out of the office and into the shop before you think you're ready.
Chris Burda
Science Museum of Minnesota
Paul is terrific to work with; he is a creative problem solver who knows family audiences and is a great team player!
Jo Ann Secor
Skolnick Architecture + Design
Paul is both an energetic, insightful provocateur and a boundless source of support. His humor, encouragement and creative wisdom have been important Ingredients in collaborating on and guiding museum exhibit design projects.
Jessica Strick
The Exploratorium
Paul brings a wealth hands-on experience, perspective, and a good sense of humor to the process of designing exhibits. This is complemented by creativity and follow-through, all of which make working with Paul both pleasurable and productive.
Eric Siegel
New York Hall of Science
Paul knows interactive exhibits - how to plan them, where resources are and what's happening in the field. He asks good questions, plays with ideas and keeps his eye on the visitor.
Jeanne Vergeront
Museum Planning Consultant
Paul Orselli is one of the most creative exhibit developers that I know!
Cynthia Yao
Founder, Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum

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