ICOM-ITC Beijing Workshop

ICOM-ITC Beijing Workshop

Paul was invited to China to be one of the two primary international instructors for workshops at the International Council of Museums – International Training Center (ICOM-ITC) headquartered at the Palace Museum in Beijing. Paul presented interactive sessions on museum exhibit design and development topics to workshop attendees from all across China, as well as such diverse countries as Kenya, Nepal, Korea, and Guatemala.

Workshop Participants from Korea, Kenya, Brazil, and Colombia

Workshop Participants

ICOM-ITC participants from Korea, Kenya, Brazil, and Colombia.


Paul gave workshop participants many hands-on experiences in prototyping and exhibit development.


A quick demonstration on how to develop interactive sound experiences using simple materials.

Paul and Lucimara

Paul with his co-instructor for the ICOM-ITC workshops, Lucimara Latelier from Brazil.